All the tools you need to run a digital agency

Change requests, bugs tracking, invoices... get all the processes that took us years to build in a snap.

Change Requests

No more unpaid invoices. Set up your client communication the right way - pre approve every hour of work so clients don't feel cheated and avoid payments.



Create Reports. See the sum of all work. Attach to invoice. Graphs.


Bug Tracking

Get all the required info.No more useless "X doesn't work". Clients file a bug with all needed information to track down and squish that bug..


Hexakit Offers

Create professional-looking offers in seconds. Get notified when clients view your offers.


Hexakit Sales Wiki

Everything about selling web development. Articles, know-hows, experience.


Hexakit Sales App

Tool that guides you with step by step tutorials through specific sales strategies.

"We are saving literally thousands of dollars every month"
- Petar Petrov
"I can't believe no one has done this up to now. For any business!"
- Jane Sheliver

People don't Just like it, They love it

Actually, they also need it. Most have said that they can’t live without it anymore!

"Simply Awesome!"
- Evgeni Bozhidarov
"The amount of work you are saving us is insane!"
- Lora Todorova

Learn from the
digital agency academy

We have tons of useful information on how to setup your company processes.


See how change
requests Saves money

Case study of how change requests saved us thousands of dollars (Literally!) every month.


Best practices in digital
agency project management

We will send you a white paper on the best practices of PM. How to be efficient. How to handle clients. How to get paid on those invoices.